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In the oil and gas industry, there is an obligation for companies to effectively manage risk within their business and comply with regulatory standards.

Procedures for risk management need to accommodate and account for adverse changes in operating practices or other abnormal situations that may potentially increase levels of major accident risk.

Experience has taught us however that many companies unknowingly adopt a variety of ways of reporting operational risk. This inevitably brings a raft of complications and potential pitfalls.

For example, it can lead to some critical data being kept on standalone spreadsheets which are not visible to everyone who needs the information; amendments being made after approval with little or no traceability; and a lack of recording and distribution capability.

Technical Authorities may not be included in the operational risk assessment review and actual facility status is frequently not readily available.

This approach results in the data gathering and reporting process being a fragmented and time consuming business which is all too often not comprehensive.

As companies look to drive efficiency in other parts of their business, we have to ask why they aren’t also considering the benefits when it comes to software solutions for managing risk.

A secure web-based system allows for the identification and categorisation of different types of operational risk using an established matrix. It can include a full history of the approvals and completion process both at an asset specific or region-wide level, with full reporting function.

These tools can provide asset, operation and HSE managers with remote-access visibility of real-time data for operational risk activity across their whole organisation. This ensures more comprehensive and assured risk action plans, more incisive interventions on emerging risk situations, improved learning from all significant incidents and enhanced competency assurance of critical roles in safety and operational risk.

The energy industry can only succeed if it has safe, compliant and reliable operations to protect people, the environment and assets. Having a well-managed and effective response to changes or other abnormal operation situations with the potential to increase accident risk should be at the core of what we do.

This needn’t be a risky business. When we properly use the best tools at our disposal we can ensure the safety of everyone simply and efficiently.

ADIL’s Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) software is a secure, web based solution allowing users to raise, review, endorse, approve and manage the complete operational risk assessment process.

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