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Students gear up for global engineering challenge

ADIL has teamed up with north-east engineering students for another year to prepare them for life in the fast-lane - and teach them the skills they need to excel in the industry.

ADIL has pledged its support for a sixth consecutive year as principal sponsor of the University of Aberdeen’s TAU Racing team for 2014.

TAU Racing is a team of students who are given just one year to design and build a single-seat race car from scratch that will be able to manoeuvre one of the greatest race tracks in the world.

In July, the 2014 TAU team will compete against other students from across the globe at Silverstone in the Formula Student competition, Europe’s largest educational motorsport challenge.

Throughout the process, the students are provided with support and guidance from lecturers and energy companies, including main sponsor ADIL.

Matt Huntington, General Manager, Technical at ADIL, said the company’s long-term commitment to the project was not just about making sure the students come home winners, but about ensuring they are investing their employee’s knowledge and expertise in future generations of engineers.

The students not only have to put their technical skills to the test, but need to learn about teamwork, marketing, health and safety and people management – all prized skills that oil companies look for in new starts.

This year, ADIL are providing a greater level of mentoring and support, matching students up with their own engineers to teach them new skills that cannot be learnt in the lecture hall.

Mr Huntington said the company’s increased support this year was essential to encourage more people into oil and gas and tackle the skills shortages currently affecting the industry.

“We are delighted to continue our support of the TAU Racing team for the sixth straight year. We feel it is important that we help the young people of today learn the vital skills that will set them up in good stead for a job after university,” he said.

“This year we will provide a greater level of mentoring support for TAU Racing, with members of the team partnered with ADIL personnel to benefit from their extensive experience and knowledge.

“As an industry we have to create opportunities for aspiring engineers to gain relevant practical experience, particularly in the face of a growing skills shortage.”

The team will be scrutinised by an expert panel of judges during the competition and be graded on car design, fuel economy, presentation and performance. Students from all years are encouraged to take part across a variety of disciplines, from mechanical and electrical engineering to computing and even psychology.

Since being established in 2007, the TAU team has won the Shell Most Fuel Efficient Class 1 Car Prize twice, the Airbus Teamwork Award, and the Alan Staniforth Best Newcomer Award.

Calum Paterson, Project Manager of the TAU Racing team, added: “We are delighted to welcome back ADIL as principal sponsor once more for the 2013/14 season. Having supported the team since its formation, TAU Racing have built a strong relationship with ADIL and got to know many of the staff there.

“The support provided by ADIL over the years has enabled TAU Racing to go from strength to strength, particularly in the project management and business areas of the competition, and we hope to continue to develop this relationship over the coming years.”

Further details about TAU Racing can be viewed at the team’s website at www.tauracing.com

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