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The client took the decision to suspend operations at their terminal due to escalation of HSE/Compliance issues. The terminal would only restart pending completion of certain activities, one being development of new plant operating procedures. The client had deemed the current suite of operating procedures supporting the terminal no longer fit for purpose.

Previous positive working relations had given the client confidence that ADIL had the required capabilities for execution of the project in conjunction with an extremely fast response time.

The client approached ADIL to provide the expertise that could support them with the development of new operational procedures, procedure rollout and identifying training requirements. As the project was on the critical path for plant start-up, it was vital that the procedure suite could be authored and approved within the tight timeframe. They also requested that ADIL develop and build the procedures to ensure they are risk based, usable and credible.

After an initial project briefing, ADIL understood that timeliness was key to this project. ADIL was able to provide a dedicated team of operational experts within one week to provide support for these non-standard operations, allowing the tasks to be undertaken continuously, without reallocation of client’s resources.

ADIL’s input ensured that the project was able to be delivered in the timescale required.

The experience of our personnel, understanding of the customer and access to the ADIL suite of standards, procedures and processes, allowed for early identification of risks that could affect scope creep and allowed mitigations to be implemented. For example, the facilitation of cross function collaboration between operations and process disciplines was highlighted and the structure was outlined to enable the smooth progress of the project, without which, may have ended in time delay and not meeting start up deadline.

ADIL advised that for the most effective approach for document rollout and training of client personnel, the client should nominate an Operations Supervisor to be embedded in the project team. This allowed clarity for both parties and the reassurance to all staff of commitment to the project. ADIL was also able to call upon its experience to provide technical processes, procedure writing processes and QA review system and implement into the project. This pre-constructed system allowed valuable work hours to be utilised authoring earlier than would have been possible without the adoption of the ADIL process.

The positive view of ADIL’s involvement in the project by senior management within the client led to continued support with the next phase of prioritised procedures.

ADIL took control of the development and execution of the new procedures, implementing a review system that identified and engaged client resources to review and approve efficiently. This was a key step to ensuring the scope of the project was targeted correctly, avoiding wasted time and cost for the client.

All procedures were completed, approved and complied in the company register in the time specified by the Client and therefore the project created no negative effect on the critical path towards plant start-up. The procedures produced were of the high standard to be able to sustain the client’s business and on-site operations into the future.

During the project, ADIL’s experienced team were able to record the knowledge gaps that emerged and devised a competence training map to accomplish the capabilities required across the client workforce to operate within the new procedures.

During end of project feedback session, the client praised ADIL for quickly understanding the project challenges, integrating and creating an environment that was complimentary to the client’s staff.

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