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Broder Tuck and Lille John

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Danish Sector, 5504/20

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ADIL worked with PA Resources on both the Broder Tuck and Lille John discoveries to consider parallel development activities. This was based upon the current understanding of the reservoirs and with a view to being able to move one, or both, discoveries rapidly to appraisal or development once further subsurface evaluation was completed.

ADIL was then asked to develop an integrated work plan, resourcing a project co-ordinator as well as development concept and costings input for scoping economics to assist in maturing the developments to the appraise and select gate stage.

  • ADIL has applied its framing and early stage development process to bring a structured approach to understanding and defining the opportunities; the output included an agreed short term work plan for both Broder Tuck and Lille John
  • An ADIL co-ordinator met with the PA Resources team monthly to update the schedule and keep momentum for the projects moving forward
  • Upon completion of the scope, ADIL was asked to assist PA Resources in developing an integrated work plan based on the output of the framing workshop
  • This work formed the foundation for future co-operation between ADIL and PA Resources, with ADIL continuing to project manage the Broder Tuck scope into select phase. ADIL also formed the project management team for Birgitta (previously Fiddich) field
  • Preparation for an opportunity and strategic framing process
  • Execution and documentation of a two day framing workshop with the aim of:
    • Creating a common understanding of the opportunities
    • Identifying and qualitatively ranking opportunities, threats and key uncertainties
    • Agreeing strategic choices
    • Identifying tactical choices
    • Creating a timeline of key decisions
    • Identifying the associated work plan and resources for the near term

  • Clear approach to the development agreed and an integrated schedule of activities relating to subsurface and concept development
  • Project management delivered in line with ADIL’s gate process
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