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Concept evaluation support for a major North Sea project

Lean Project Management

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The client was looking to develop an oilfield consisting of several reservoirs separated by faults. The exploration work had been performed and the project commenced at Select. The field was appraised, although final appraisal wells were drilled after commencement. The client was a small company and had not previously operated an asset. They required industry experience and expertise to manage the project through the development phases.

ADIL analysed several possible field development concepts including: subsea tiebacks to existing infrastructure; building standalone fixed platforms; or a leased standalone FPSO. The concepts were passed to a third-party team for detailed concept work and ADIL managed the contractors, working on the interfaces to assure integration.

ADIL established a document control system which included documentation for the stage gate process, producing decision support packages and concept selection reports to guarantee a smooth transition into the next phase of the project.

At the time, the proposal was to adopt a leased FPSO considering the CAPEX and OPEX profiles and the client’s capabilities. ADIL prepared a market enquiry to check availability of suitable FPSOs to meet the development’s needs and check for alternatives.

ADIL specifically delivered:

  • Stakeholder management including client and regulatory
  • Overall development management
  • Stage gate process
  • Planning and cost control
  • Management of select studies
  • Management of market enquiry for FPSO
  • Integration of subsurface/wells/facilities/ commercial
  • Concept select approval for a five producer, four water injector development with subsea tie-back to a leased FPSO
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