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Define and Execute support for a major project in the North Sea

Lean Project Management

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UK Northern North Sea

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When the Select phase was finalised and the field development concept had been determined ADIL were asked to manage the next phase, allocating a full time Project Manager and an integrated expert.

Following detailed market assessment by ADIL no leased FPSO availability was found and it was decided to change to an owned FPSO option. This modification required additional efforts from the team.

Through the Define and Execute stages ADIL established a team with different specialisms to ensure proper integration of all parts of the project.

ADIL provided a management team in the UK to manage the project integration including cost, planning, document control and quality management.

ADIL provided a team of four to manage the subsea scope, including the contracting strategy, preparing the required specifications and defining the scope including the export pipeline, intra-field flowlines for production, water injection and gas lift together signal and control services. ADIL managed the tendering for entire subsea scope and managed the Engineering, Procurement, Install and Commercial (EPIC) contract.

ADIL provided an FPSO design and -construction management team of twelve to manage the EPC contract for the design and construction of the FPSO. The team worked at the contractor’s yard in Asia assuring the quality of work to deliver the constructed and commissioned FPSO.

After delivery of the FPSO to European waters the team continued to work on the hook up and commissioning of the integrated system through to production of first hydrocarbons.

ADIL specifically delivered:

  • Overall development and project management
  • Stakeholder management including client and regulatory
  • Gate stage process
  • Planning and cost control – project reporting
  • Management of topsides and subsea FEED studies
  • Contracting strategy
  • Tendering and evaluation of FPSO and subsea EPIC contracts
  • Integration of subsurface/wells/facilities/commercial
  • Integration of the development of FDP
  • Management of the environmental statement
  • Define stage approval process (FID)
  • Management of FPSO and subsea EPIC contracts
  • Engineering and construction management of subsea pipelines and bundles
  • Completions and commissioning management of FPSO and subsea management of FPSO Dry Tow
  • Management of HUC for FPSO and handover to operations

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