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West Africa

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ADIL’s client had an exploration licence in an area off West Africa and required concept development support to assess low, mid and high case recoverable volumes scenarios for a potential development. The asset was in deep water and had specific technological challenges.

The client wanted to establish the minimum economic field (MEF) size for their asset to be viable before making a decision to drill an appraisal well. This information would be used to attract farm-in to the field and attract additional investment.

The client approached ADIL as they did not have the capability internally to undertake the study. They were keen to utilise ADIL’s ACE: Integration to aggregate all elements together and deliver a robust outcome.

ADIL utilised their Accelerated Conceptual Engineering (ACE) process for quick, cost effective technical and economic evaluation of the client’s asset.

ADIL initially delivered a framing session in conjunction with the client to understand their challenges and agree objectives for the work. ADIL provided key technical experts covering a number of different disciplines for the session, with the client providing the in depth geology and subsurface knowledge of the asset.

Some initial reservoir work was undertaken by ADIL and the client to prepare. With this and the information from the framing session, ADIL utilised their ACE process to develop the different scenarios. ADIL specifically utilised:

ACE: Wells

A drill centre planning tool to help determine suitable locations, with realistic well plans that satisfy anti-collision constraints while minimising development costs and accessing targets.

ACE: Facilities

An industry standard facilities design tool used to develop complete technical definition and capital cost estimates for oil and gas development projects.

ACE: Integration

A sophisticated planning and economic modelling tool for field development and operations, identifying well phasing, rig utilisation and ullage constraints and tax implications.

The flexibility of the ACE process allowed for iterations of the different concept scenarios to be developed throughout. For example, when it was established that the low case was still presenting an economic solution, parameters were changed to establish a case which demonstrated the MEF.

By using their ACE process, ADIL was able to deliver credible concept development options to the client that led to them defining the minimum economic field. ADIL were able to reduce uncertainty, meaning the client could move into the next phase with as few unanswered questions as possible. ADIL was also able to deliver the three different concept scenarios to the client in two-week period, a considerable saving when compared with a traditional conceptual engineering approach.

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