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Independent operations readiness review of client facilities

Production Operations Excellence

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The client held 100% equity in a field located in the South North Sea (SNS) of the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). The platform at the field is a Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) and was about to flow a recently completed well to the facilities.

The facilities, which included the associated pipeline and reception processing equipment at a gas terminal, were designed to a basis of design that stated zero water would be produced; however, the recently completed well was likely to contain water. Therefore, the Project Team commissioned a number of additional studies to assess the potential impact of the produced water and to ensure suitable mitigations and controls were in place.

The client approached ADIL to conduct the readiness review, which was required to establish if the facilities were considered to be in a suitable state of readiness to commence production from the new well.

The purpose of the readiness review was to:

  • Give assurance that the additional studies commissioned covered a sufficiently comprehensive breadth of scopes
  • Suitable mitigations and controls are in place, on and offshore, to handle the potential impact of produced water
  • Establish that the facilities, on and offshore, are considered to be in a suitable state of readiness to commence flow from the latest well

Due to ADIL’s Operations & Improvements Team having a positive ongoing working relationship with the client, the team was able to quickly understand and define the client’s challenges. This allowed ADIL’s personnel to focus their expertise on the necessary areas, limiting time spent and cost to the client.

Thanks to the efficiency of the team and the structured approach that was formed for the documentation review process, the final operational readiness report was delivered on time for the intended first gas date.

At short notice, ADIL provided the client with an independent operations readiness review, delivered to a high calibre within an extremely tight time frame to meet project delivery time.

This was achieved by the following:

  • Reviewing the relevant studies carried out by/for the project group with respect to the overall facilities (comprising of platform, pipeline and terminal) and ensuring that the recommended technical solutions, changes to operating regimes and mitigating controls had been implemented or, as a minimum that a clear plan was in place with action parties identified for their implementation. (This did not include an audit or check of the detailed technical work).
  • Assessing the status and impact of any outstanding actions raised during the studies with respect to well handover
  • Ensuring operating procedures had been reviewed and where required, addendums had been drafted and approve
  • In the event changes to maintenance routines/procedures were required, confirming these had been created, approved and were in place
  • Confirmed that no amendments were required to the safety case and onshore COMAH Case and associated performance standards

The review report was completed to the client’s satisfaction, on time for the intended first gas date.

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