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Operations readiness support for start-up and achieving first gas

Production Operations Excellence

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November 2017

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December 2017



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The project was behind scheduled delivery of first gas with a strong desireto achieve this before the end of 2017.

Numerous delays in construction and commissioning led the client to approaching ADIL for assistance. The context of the project’s timelines was of a high profile in Egypt with significant interest from multiple parties (national politics to the regional gas markets etc.). ADIL quickly formed a team of four experts to supervise and assist in the commissioning and start-up of the lient’s facilities. The team were placed in key management positions to provide on-site support.

ADIL provided expertise in: engineering, HSE, emergency management, document control, client interface management, project management, construction management, planning, vendor management, sparing, completion engineering and competence.

ADIL personnel were appointed to key management and front line supervisory positions (Commissioning and Ready for Start Up Leads, Operations Manager and Senior Facilities Engineer).

The support also identified areas for improvement and remedying misalignments - to assist in achieving the goals safely. A full report of the work has been written and future support areas for internal projects has been identified and include the following:

Training assistance

Emergency response planning and exercises

Client interfacing and management

Understanding of production and operational efficiency

Operational readiness training

Engineering assistance

Concept selection assistance

Process troubleshooting of commissioning stage and operational assets

Construction and operational readiness reviews

Start-up planning, scheduling and assessment

Corporate documents

Organograms with clear roles and responsibilities

Deviation management and approval process

Guidance on certification for construction and commissioning management

Trip and inhibit management

The goal was achieved by conducting a staged incident-free start-up, executing refreshed start-up procedures, creating and populating various O&M registers, rehearsing updated Emergency Response Plans, providing engineering and training support, and being the adjudicator of construction / commissioning completeness.

ADIL specifically delivered:

  • Plant start-up and first gas achieved in December 2017
  • Staged incident-free start-up
  • Designed and operated to an integrated start-up plan
  • Start-up procedures were quality checked including the provision of red line drawings
  • Emergency plans designed and implemented
  • On-site training and competence assurance of O&M personnel
  • Expedited commissioning with client involvement and sign off using client GOC
  • Various registers and procedures were designed and handed over (Alarm and Trip Register, PSV Register, LO/LC Register, Overrides Register, Blind Lists, etc.)
  • Sparing philosophy and register for ordering agreed with client – prior misalignment resolved
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