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West of Shetland

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ADIL’s client was aggressively establishing a position in the West of Shetlands region with the intent of developing a strategic heartland. Prior to the client finalising equity share and achieving operatorship, ADIL helped the client rationalise a complex investment scenario and understand what to do as an integrated team.

A series of staged opportunity framing events were held with the client, covering:

  • Subsurface integrated modelling opportunity framing
  • Option and value to accelerate de-risking drilling appraisal programme
  • Immediate near field potential strategic framing
  • Concept development opportunity framing
  • Regional near field strategic framing, subject to further acquisition
  • ADIL deployed two senior consultants, each with over 30 years’ operator and consulting experience, who are deeply experienced in this type of development investment situation
  • They engaged with the client, understood their needs, and developed an opportunity framing approach as a fine tuned development of ADIL’s decision based opportunity framing methodology

The workshop delivered the following, which enabled the client to efficiently progress as an aligned team:

  • Detailed 90 day plan
  • Key forward decisions and activities through assess, select and post select project stages
  • Items for transfer to other client parties outwith the direct project team
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Wide ranging early lifecycle concept development table, conditioned by a range of potential subsurface realisations
  • Subsurface realisations impact and ability to reduce table
  • Feed to overall project risk and opportunity register
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