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ADIL had previously helped Centrica to develop their internal operational risk assessment (ORA) process. Following successful implementation of the process ADIL started to develop an electronic, online system to track, manage and record operational risk.

A review of existing ORA systems found that these had received limited support and adoption within the oil and gas industry, and that ADIL’s ORA tool could provide benefits across the oil and gas industry.

ADIL combined the experience of their operations personnel with the expertise of their in-house software development team.

Our Operations Excellence Team Lead was the ‘customer’ for the project, detailing the specifications of what was required and scoping the system out on paper. The software development lifecycle was then followed to develop the system, including:

  • Defining the system requirements
  • Creating the system design
  • Building the system
  • Testing the system
  • Maintaining the system

When the base system was developed ADIL worked with Centrica to evolve it to meet their requirements – it was developed in way that ensured it was completely customisable to meet Centrica’s needs including specific functionality, branding and being expandable to include other processes.

  • ADIL delivered a robust and reliable system that is now being used across all of Centrica’s EIS assets; over 100 live users are currently active on the system and possible future expansion to Canada is being considered
  • The system is a centralised repository for sharing operational risk information, giving Centrica full visibility of operational risk on any asset (and reporting capability) at any given time, all available instantly
  • The need to rely on a paper based process has been removed, making the sharing of information much easier and more efficient
  • A system that is accessible regardless of physical location ensuing there is no need for wet signatures at a fixed geo location
  • A system that demonstrates compliance to industry bodies, with a full operational risk audit trail and accountability that is required
  • A scalable system that can expand or shrink with an organisation’s needs
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