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ADIL were approached to provide assurance that the field development plan for one of the client’s assets was fit for purpose. ADIL were specifically challenged to assess whether the existing field development plan was too complex, and therefore unnecessarily expensive, by verifying existing work. ADIL’s contact within the client organisation asked for complete confidentiality throughout the work, and for it not to be discussed with any other individual who worked for the client.

ADIL assembled an experienced team of discipline experts at very short notice – the client requested ADIL support on Friday and the team was in place and able to start work on Monday morning. The team integrated and understood all the key elements of the project, from subsurface and reservoirs to wells and export options. ADIL did not review or assess commercial and HSEQ aspects of the project.

The team undertook a full review and assessment of the client’s work for the first phase of the project and the updated field development plan (800 pages of information in total.) The team discussed their initial assessment of this output before considering and finalising recommendations for the client.

The client was invited to attend the ADIL team discussions as and when they felt it was appropriate.

ADIL undertook a rapid, integrated assessment of a large and complex development for the client, providing technical project assurance. They delivered a red flag report which assessed if the development plan was appropriate, if risks were understood and if costs were realistic.

The report detailed recommendations from ADIL which, if implemented, would give the client, their investors and partners confidence in the development plan. Clarifications from the client were received and addressed by the team after the report had been delivered.

ADIL completed work on this project and provided their feedback to the client in a very short timeframe – less than two weeks from start to finish. ADIL’s client expressed their satisfaction at the quality of the output and the speed of turnaround.

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